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A Bit Of Information

How Do I Get Started…?

Step 1: Apply

Your first step is to fill out a “no cost, no commitment” application! Mother of Doodles needs to gather some information beforehand to make sure you and your family are a good fit for one of our puppies.


Step 2: Read Contract

Once we receive your completed application and it has been approved, we will send you the Purchase Agreement Contract to look over and read thoroughly. Please be aware of all the requirements that come with the purchase of one of our puppies before you put a deposit down.


Step 3: Get on Waitlist

To add yourself to the Master Waitlist simply fill out an application, If you are interested in one of the first FOUR picking slots then please mark this in the designated spot within the application for the specific litter (deposit for first 4 spots will be due at reservation). If you are not interested in the first four picking slots within your desired litters then your application will be put on the master waitlist. Picking spots for 1-4 pick will be available for anyone to put a deposit down to hold their picking order, This is in a first come, first serve basis .  Once puppies are born and the first four spots have chosen their puppy,  the master waitlist will be notified in order of received applications. For example, if there are 6 puppies in a litter and the first four spots have been picked, then the next 2 families on the master waitlist will have an opportunity to purchase from the 2 puppies available.  


Step 4: Litter is Born, Patiently Waiting on Puppy 

Once the litter is born I will send out an announcement to those who have put a deposit down on one of the first four picking spots, and the remainder number of puppies left to the correlating number of applicants on the master waitlist in order of submission. At 7 weeks old puppies will undergo a personality/trait evaluation to help families pick their puppy, this will be picking week. Once the first four spots have chosen, I will send an email to those who are on the waitlist to see if they want one of the remainding puppies. This will be a first come first serve basis. I will then take the waitlist deposits once you have chosen your puppy. If you feel as though one of the puppies will not meet your needs, you can continue on the waitlist for the next available litter. That spot will then be offered to the next person on the waitlist. Puppies go home no earlier then 8 weeks.

****Mother of Doodles has the right to keep the first pick from any litter****


1st-4th pick 500 due when reserving spot

Master Waitlist 500 (due at 7 weeks)

Remaining Balace

Price varies 

Due at or Before Pickup




808 852 1569


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