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All our Sires and Dams are genetically tested to rule out over 200 genetic conditions through Embark. As our program expands, we are happy to announce that our breeding dogs will all be tested for hip dysplasia and other breed specific disorders involving the heart, eye and elbows that are common to their breed. Our Sires and Dams will have their exams done by an experienced vet and sent out to be evaluated by a board  through OFA and/or PennHIP for certification. 

We are proud to offer limited registration (select litters) through CKC for our Doodles and ACK for our Poodles. 


DNA Testing 

Through Embark, we test for breed specific and other genetic diseases before we breed our dogs. Please click on link for more information

CKC Registration

We offer limited registration with all our Doodle litters here at Mother of Doodles. Please click on link for more information. 



Mother of Doodle takes the health of our dogs and future puppies very seriously, and this is why we test for early signs of hip, elbow, heart and eye conditions to rule out disorders as best as possible. Please clink on link bellow to learn more. 


All our purebred puppies will be sold with limited registration through ACK. To learn more information, please click on the link bellow. 



At Mother of Doodles, we are pleased to announce that our sirs and dams will undergo radiographs by a trained veterinarian within the PennHIPP network. The radiographs are comprised of 3 different angles to get the best possible view of the hip joints. Please click the link bellow for more information.

Badass Breeder

Mother of Doodles utilizes the curriculum outlined in  the Badass Breeder program. We believe that early neurological and sent stimulation sets our puppies  up for success. 


Good Dog

As part of the Good Dog family, Mother of Doodles is held to a higher stander as a breeder. With secure payments and an overall piece of mind when doing business with us, you can feel at ease knowing you have chosen the right breeder.

Goldendoodle Association of North America 

Mother of Doodles is proud to announce we hold a Blue Ribbon Breeder status with GANA. This is only achieved by meeting their strict breeding requirements through rigorous health testing. When choosing Mother of Doodles to find your next fury companion, you can be assured you are getting a healthy puppy from an ethical breeder. 



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