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At Mother of Doodles we strive to keep prices reasonable. Purchasing a puppy is a huge investment, and we understand how shocking puppy prices can be! Prices can vary from breeder to breeder, state to state, and can be an overwhelming concept to grasp at first. In hopes that our future purchasing families have the stability and seriousness in purchasing  one of our puppies, we base the price on many factors including the time and effort we put in to raising amazing Doodles, the rigorous health testing preformed on all parents, extensive Go-Home Kits,  full wellness examination with vaccinations preformed by a veterinarian , and puppy evaluations on each and every puppy to help you make the right decision. We are confident in what we do and how we price our puppies accordingly.

Bellow prices represent general price, not for 1st-4th  picking spots

Added Cost 

1st Pick add on 500

2nd Pick add on 400

3rd Pick add on 300

4th Pick add on 200

Deposits 500

  • Pick 1-4 are due when reserving spot

  • Waitlist deposits are only due when puppy is picked at or after week 7 

Remaining Balace

Price varies 

  • Remaining balance is DUE before or at Pick up


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